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Dragon Claw 17" : Fine silver dragon claw on dichroic glass ball

by Ana Noyce : $187.00

The dragon's claw was inspired by those who love to dream.  It is the thought of those with dreams of unicorns, fairies and castles.  How wonderful it is to be the owner of a claw that comes from an amazing mythical creature,  What power, strength and adventure comes to those who possess it. The stones used in this piece are sapphires, rubies, pearls and emeralds all with the background of folklore surrounding  themselves.  

     So let's look at the stones that were selected for this necklace.  Emeralds are known for having a association with spiritual adventure.  Sapphires here get a little complicated because there are different colors which acitvate different energy centers in the body.

   Orange sapphires are for the fire of the heart.  Who in their right mind would chase a dragon without the passion to  do so. Orange is the color for the zest for life and creativity.  It is also among the rarest of the sapphire family.   

     Purple is about connecting to the higher source so it reminds you to say a little prayer before you go on your adventure.    The color is also know to represent Royalty and the Clergy.    

     The color green is for connecting to nature and to remind us to take the time to enjoy all the things that were given to us as apart of this wonderful adventure on this earth. Remember what it was like to be a child again to be excited to see a forest and see the beautiful flowers.  Remember rolling around in the grass and playing in the leaves while enjoying rainbows in the sky.   It is about being what you have forgotten like the dragons.

Pearls to add to the adventure and white because of the purity of our childhood that allows us to be free to dream.  The pearls remind us of the sea and the mystery and fun of exploring. 

  Red the Ruby is fun because it is the stone for courage and a strong life force which is something everyone needs when looking for one's lost dragon. The claw is a symbol of what we remember and know is still in our hearts that beautiful child inside of each and everyone of us.