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Apple Tree 21" : Sterling Silver cast tree with Lapis beads

by Ana Noyce : $180.00

     I just love this little tree.  It tells a good story about life and who we are.  I look at trees with their strong roots, solid trunk and beautiful branches reaching towards the sky.  And if you are lucky to come across an apple tree bearing fruit then that is just another blessing added to the gift of life.     

    Trees have been used as so many symbols which attach themselves to our own lives. Looking at a tree as a symbol can  help us see things a little differently. 

For me, I look at the roots and see how it reaches into the ground holding on to the earth and pulling out its vital food and energy to grow. How many times in our own lives do we need to know where we stand and who we are so that we stop running form the past and sometimes the future.  It is time in our lives to stop and reflect taking the time to set firmly in our own roots.

    The trunk of the tree holds the strength of who we are and what we called to do in this life.  We begin to make discoveries and learn as the years pass allowing us to grow into our own creativity.  

T he branches only bear fruit when the roots and trunk are strong, giving us freedom  to reach for the stars in the heavens. Branches are a great symbol of being on a spiritual path and the tree as a whole means being connected to the Creator in the heavens and ourselves here on earth. 

  A healthy tree that bears fruit can be a symbol of the balance mind, body and soul that we wish to reflect in this life. So if this necklace calls your name then you are allowing others to see who you are and standing firm in yourself and confidence of who you are.