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Autumn Leaf 17" : Tourmaline gemstones & yellow Citrine gems With Fine Sliver Enameled Leaf

by Ana Noyce : $225.00

    If you are into stones and especially gemstone this is a yummy piece for you.  It was inspired by the Autumn leaves in New Mexico which turn around the first of Sept.  If you are driving though the pass that is between Los Vegas NM on the way to Taos you have this amazing drive.  The drive lasts about 45 minutes on a good day and has the most incredible  trees and winding roads.  If you like Fall and enjoy the beautiful colors of the Autumn leaves I would very much like to recommend this drive that is out of the regular way of  tourist route.  It is well worth your time in any time of the year. 

  Citrine is known as the stone for mental clarity and creativity.  It it thought to strengthen the visionary part of the thought process that allows ones imagination to work freely in creating.  Citrine opens those inner doors of the soul in expressing ones self. Combining that with the golden and green Tourmaline gems which are symbolize self healing  (green) and confidence (gold) makes a strong piece.  

     Green is the true color of the heart opposed to red which we all think of associating it with Valentine's Day. The green tourmaline has an energy field that harmonizes with the heart which helps balance that center.  Often if you are suffering from a broken heart green tourmaline is a good choice for you. It helps facilitate the flow of energy though your body to help with emotions and calm your soul.

    Gold tourmaline is good for aiding in ones personal inner strength.  It helps bring in ones personal power and reduce the feeling of fear of ones self in conflict with another.  It is also good in helping with releasing inner traumas that return again and again.  

   The necklace is a reminder to care for ones soul and inner self as it reminds us of the beauty around us in nature.