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Baptism 17" : Blue Lapis beads with Hand made glass cross and silver design

by Ana Noyce : $225.00

  The Baptism has great meaning in so many ways.  It is such a strong symbol but mostly symbolizes birth and a meaning for great change. I picked the color blue because it reminds us of the elements of water and sky.  Water is used in Baptisms to sanctify and dedicate a life to spiritual change.  It also stands for serenity and peace.  Blue is the color of the sky where that is the higher dwelling place of the heavens. T he fine silver is for purity.

    It is laced together with graduated Lapis and silver beads.  Lapis is a rich symbol of spiritual guidance allowing the wearer to speak the truth and have the ability of discerning.  If also is known for its ability to connect one to the Divine. It you are seeking guidance legend has it that this is the stone to help you connect.