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Destiny of Transformation : Silver Shells with Silver and 24kt Accented Pendant and Fossil

by Ana Noyce : $550.00

     The process of each of the sterling silver shells were hand hammered into form.  The fossil was set onto a silver piece that was cut and then 24Kt gold was melted on to it to accent it.  I added a patina to make the gold pop and dazzle the eyes.  Later the fossil was set so that it rested in the center of the silver.  Blue Lapis was added to enhance the gold and silver and bring out a transformation of the design.

   I love working with silver and gold in the combination as a balance of both precious metals together to create a harmony with the spirit of inspiration. Gold is such a warm tone and reminds us of the sun and fire and the silver is a cool tone reminding us of th moon and mystery.     

    The piece was inspired by the Native American Squash Blossom necklaces that are known in the South West. The sea was something that inspired me and I couldn't help designing the shells out of silver to represent the Greek goddess Venus.  I love the idea that she was born from the sea and that the sea shell is one of her symbols that only added to the mystery of the Nautilus shell.  

     I added gold because of the golden rays of the sun that cast a golden energy that surrounds  us as we go about our day.  This is a powerful piece with a lot to say about one's own transformation.  Being a woman and understanding who we are inside is an amazing transformation that not only changes us inside but also outside.  I had someone say to me that "a woman who has come into her own personal power is a sight to behold".  

   We as women are blessed in so many ways and need to not forget that we walk in beauty.