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Hard knocks : Hammered Silver Bracelet with Turquoise - 7in

by Ana Noyce : Sold

     There is something to be said about taking a flat piece of silver and hammering into form.  I loved making this design that was inspired by the lacy cuffs of the shirts from the "80's".  Watching it come to life as it was heated, quenched, hammered and formed was an amazing process.   

    As I was hammering this piece out I realized that this is what happens to us as humans in life.  We change and grow through all of our experiences of pain and  love.  I guess you have heard of "hard knocks".  I see that the hard knocks in our lives change us and mold us into better people and as I was forming this piece I was putting all my love and attention into it, as it folded into my design.  It is this whole process of love and hammering that from and shape us into something that can be a true inspiration to others.  Beauty and wisdom is something we are all attracted to. Just look around you and see the people you admire the most.  It will most likely be someone from the school of hard knocks.