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Rainbow spirit : Rainbow Tourmaline cut gem stones with Sterling Sliver beads and white Pearl neckless with earings

by Ana Noyce : $250.00

The Story that goes with this beautiful piece is that it was made in the remembrance of when I had my naming ceremony at the age of 16.  I was visiting my father in Taos, NM that summer when he announced it was  to be a special year.  I was going to be working on my spiritual name and there were some things that I had to accomplish as a young lady to achieve that right.  I must admit that for a city girl that summer was nothing like anything I could ever have imagined but the whole experience I will always carry with me though the rest of my life.  

By the end of the summer I was given a name chosen by the Medicine Man who conducted the ceremony in my honor.  The name was "Little Rainbow" something I haven't used until recently.  I use the Sioux version of it when I use it.  No, if you are thinking my father was Native American.  He was an American cowboy who lived with the Sioux and studied in their traditions of healing.  He wanted for me to share that experience so by giving me this name and that summer experience he passed a little of it on.  

If you haven't read the Healing Blog and you get a chance to look up the "Subtle Energy of Color" it might explain a little about color.