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Rugged Cross : Sterling Silver cast Cross with Garnet beads 16"

by Ana Noyce : Sold

   The cross is a replica of a cross I remember my father creating out of Ocatilla a native cactus in West Texas.  I remember it because it was on our ranch in Presidio where three graves with piles of rocks on them rested on our land.  They were unmarked and left without any marker.  I am sure in the past they might have had wooden crosses that had worn away with the weather in the area.  

    My father used to take walks and on one of the small hills over looking the Rio Grand river were the three graves were  he would walk in silence and listen to the wind and take in the view and beauty of the open space meeting the river and the mountains in old Mexico.  If I was with him on these walk he would encourage me to listen to the sound of nature and the beauty.  Even beauty has a sound and it can be very faint but can be picked up if you listen and go inside yourself to hear it.  I was amazed that all things have a sound but the sound of this one cactus has a soft purrrr and it was soothing to my young spirit.  It was when my dad made the crosses for the graves that I realized that the crosses would not only mark the place where someone rested but would sooth the soul with it's music.   

    As a family we often wondered about the three graves and who they were.  

      Garnet is a stone that carries the energy of creative energy and over coming one's fears.  Fear is moving past our feelings of being uncomfortable so that we can succeed in our dreams.   The cross represents protection  that comes from the Higher Power and reminds us that we when linked with that source we can succeed in what ever we put our minds to.