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Starbright : Fine Silver, Dichroic glass, and Appetite gemstone with ss clasp

by Ana Noyce : $250.00

The green Appetite gemstone here is about the knowledge of the heart.  How well do you know your own heart?  Once when I was visiting a friend she asked me what was important to me and I said that "I just wanted to be happy" thinking that it answered her question.  That was not the case at all because my friend thought that what I had meant was that I was not happy and I needed to find something that made me so. 

   Well this sparked a whole conversation and soon after I found myself looking deep inside myself of how well I knew my spirit. The question was not that simple and needed to be looked into.  A challenge that I felt would be good for my soul.  Finding the answer took me on a spiritual adventure of seeking what was in my own heart.  Instead of doing the things that I did everyday without much thought or feeling I began to look at things with a different eye and explore what created the joy and love within.

     Watching the stars and being apart of something much bigger then myself and the space I created around me opened doors and  windows to amazing people and experiences.  Sometimes when I look at the stars I remember that as a child I used to feel very small but now I see the stars and feel very connected.... 

   This piece was inspired by the stars that line the heavens and remind us of how delicate life is and no matter how small we are, we are very much apart of it.  

      How well do you know your own heart?