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The Awakened 17" : Dichroic and fine silver pendent with handmade glass beads, Blue Apatite gemstones, pearls and antique silver beads.

by Ana Noyce : $195.00

   This is a fun necklace and a beauty to wear.  It is all about opening and waking of the soul.  Blue suggest calmness and serenity as the white in this piece represents Spirituality and purity.   White is the bear bones of who we are deep within, when we are in line or in touch with the Creator. It is about understanding and growing as we walk our path on this earth.  

      The Apatite gemstone represents accessing knowledge and cleansing the energy field that surrounds the body.  It enhances dreams in the dream time state. The stone is also known to give one a higher prospective of things inside and around them.  Silver beads are used to accent and the handmade glass beads add to the beauty of the piece.  I used the triangle and the face to express the inner connection of the soul and the Creator merging together.  The  triangle's three corners are of the three for the Trinity.