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The Healing Spirit Choker : Green Peridot Gemstones with Three Swirling pendant, Gold filled beads and Pearls

by Ana Noyce : Sold

    The gemstone Peridot was known as a symbol for the sun and well being. It was also used to help clear away blockages from the emotional level and opened up communication in healing.

      The silver swirl pendant is out of fine silver and I find that the the number three seems to hold a spiritual number for me.  It can be associated with the trinity or it can also have many other meanings to which is a choice that the wearer can decide.   All things are created out of energy and the swirls are to remind us that things are always in constant motion even when we believe things are still.  There is another world of being and a world unseen.  It is truly amazing to connect to that part of ourselves and of the energy around us. 

   Green is also the color for healing and is with dealing with the heart.  That could be healing of the self or of working with others to heal.  It represents the desire and feelings of reaching out to others bringing harmoney and acceptance to those around.   

  (15 inch choker)