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The Modern 18" : dichroic glass handmade with silver twist pendent on stone beads and silver spacers.

by Ana Noyce : Sold

This necklace symbolizes the thought that as we grow in our spiritual lives we feel a little more connected to who we are and others.  So often we get a small look of ourselves and find the beauty within. As we began to look around and enjoy what we have that we take so much for granted like listing to a baby laugh, tasting the flavors of our food with each bite or being together in each other's company we discover an inner peace.

I used blue and green with a little bit of yellow and red  to symbolize the earth and sky. The rope is used in an upward curve as a statement that we are all woven and connected as we move though our lives each of us in connection with each other and the world we live in.  We are the modern people who are aware of who we are and the gift of life that surrounds us.