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The Turtle Spirit : Dichroic &handmade Silver turtle, Green Purls and Danish Glass Beads

by Ana Noyce : $160.00


     The turtle totem is about connecting with your inner being and understanding who you are.  It is about awakening and finding your own essence. Now is the time to take your time to really get to know about your ideas by paying attention to the details of your designs or dreams.  It is not a race but a way of building something beautiful by exploring and knowing who you are before you show it to the world.  

       Turtle is slow but like the old fable says "slow and steady wins the race" and that is something much more powerful when you understand where it is coming from and how it is built.  Take your time and enjoy what life has to offer you.

  I chose green pearls because green are the color for healing and also associated with nature like the grass upon which turtle may walk on.  The Danish glass beads with the hand painted flowers are also a reminder of the beauty all around us in nature.  

  In the Native American culture it is associated with the female energy and the moon cycle.