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Sun 18" : Fine Sliver Garnet pendent with Garnet, silver and glass beads

by Ana Noyce : $147.00

One of my fondest memories was when I met this amazing family which turned into a great friendship and they invited us to visit them in Finland when their work here was done.and they had to move back home,  I of course told them that we would come and announced to my poor husband that we were going the next summer to visit.  He being the wonderful man that he is said, "why not"!  

And there we went taking our two children on a new adventure of discovery and a different culture in a far away land.  Since Finland is so close to the Pole it didn't get dark and at 11pm it felt like 6pm in Texas. I remembered thinking that it didn't matter where I was in this big world that I could look at the sun and know that my friends and family were seeing the same sun even if they didn't see as much as I was seeing. To me it was a connection to my loved ones.

I wondered if we even realize how beautiful our world is and where ever we go no matter how different we are, we all share the same sun.