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The Little Cross 20" : Garnet and Fine Silver cross with Sterling and Garnet gemstone beads

by Ana Noyce : $140.00

    Oh what a find.... with garnets and silver.    I just love this little cross that tells it's little story of learning what it is to bless the jewelry that will be someone elses.  I learned this by having a Pastor bless a necklaces that I gifted to a friend.  I found out that by asking for the blessing for my friend, who was traveling across the seas I could have some peace that they would be in the hands a higher power and I could let that go.  

    It wasn't until later when I learned that I could ask for a blessing and put my love and intention of healing into the piece as I worked that I was also helping the wearer to be blessed with the energy of love.  Sometimes that is all we can do but isn't great that we can wish and do the best we can for someone else?