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Art is everywhere we look and can inspire so much of the human spirit that I can find myself grabbing a piece of paper to write down a thought, or a design.  For me learning  can be just as an amazing experience whether it is observing others as they go about their day to day life or being taught something that I can use to create.  Everything we need is at our fingertips we just have to put it together. 


Born in 1966 of Hispanic parents, and adopted by a well known renowned Western Artist and his lovely wife at three months of age.  Ana grew up in the Art World while traveling and living in Europe as a child meeting other Artist and experiencing different types of art media.  

Her family also had a working ranch in Presido, Texas right next to the Mexican border where her father would retreat to do some of his painting and writing.  During the spring and summer her family would live in Taos, New Mexico where they had an Art gallery and studio that her parents sold his art.    

  Later she earned her BS degree in Textile Chemistry and Design from the University of North Texas and went on to obtain another BA in Secondary Education.  She also worked as a Fellowship and Healing Director for ASLC  bringing together a Healing program that incorporated mind, body and spirit. Ana has enjoyed working on her art throughout her life but only recently began to focus on it with intensity.  

   Jewelry has always been a fascination and passion, so it seemed natural to expand her designs in that area.  She started by studying casting and fabrication under Fred Miller, a jewelry and glass artist in Dallas, Texas.  Later she expanded her studies and became certified in the art of Silver Clay under Sallie Bly. One of her favorite art forms is mixing the medias of Dichroic Glass and silver which has allowed Ana to explore a new art form..

Today , she lives with her husband and two children in Arlington, Texas where she works in her studio and also works as an Usui & Karuna  Master Reiki Teacher practitioner. She is involved in planning and organizing "Healing Circles" where people can express themselves in the arts, as they learn techniques in healing.

Ana is presently learning the art of Tai Chi and Qi Gong with a local Master and Teacher Martha Fiddes where she is enjoys working with energy and movement. Ana continues to observe and take classes on relationships and healing on both the physical and spiritual levels as she writes about her different experiences on the Healing blog. Whenever her husband and Ana can they still continue to travel and explore the world expanding the children's education of different cultures and the healing arts.