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Bringing artistic order out of chaos

The challenge presented by attempting to combine the structure of a mathematical and computer background with the excitement of free-flowing artictic creatitivity is not one to be taken lightly.

Fractal designs, while often assymetrical and seemingly random in appearance, are based on very specific mathematical constructs.

Woven pieces are based on orthogonal interweaving of fibers.

Dye applied to silk often does not follow any obvious rules and must be carefully contained to provide any structure. When unrestrained, the spread of color and texture of dye on silk can lend a sense of immediacy and wildness to the more structured look of fractals and weaving.

The work of the science-based artist is to find the most satisfying mix of these techniques.


Edwin Noyce, artist and mathematician

I am a mathematician by education, a computer scientist by occupation and an artist by inclination.

My resume spans forty years of computer use, from the early 50's when computers were just becoming widely available to the 90,s and the advent of personal computing. During that time, I also explored ways to create interesting things using fibers and fabrics. My parents were both part-time weavers so woven structures are often a part of my work. Finding silk painting added an additional facet to my work and discovering the nearly infinite world of computer generated fractal images allowed me to create new and exciting pieces. Retirement offered more time to explore the wealth of fiber art possibilities.

I am presently a member of the Dallas Area Fiber Artists, Silk Painters International, and Surface Design Association.